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Information For Parents

Your child’s safety and well being at DYCA is our priority. Most of the instructors are parents ourselves and we understand how to interact with young people. We are experienced professionals and will always answer any questions you may have about your child’s safety whilst attending one of our sessions. This page is designed to give parents and carers a useful insight and reassurance that your child will be happy and safe whilst in our care.

Climbing is an exhilarating activity that is unique in that it offers challenge through adventure. Rock Climbing has many social, physical and mental benefits, which help to contribute to a healthy active lifestyle. One of the most appealing aspects of climbing is the feeling of being ‘out there’, pushing yourself to your limits and having fun whilst doing so!

For parents and carers rock climbing can seem dangerous and carry a degree of uncertainty, especially when the images of ropes and height are a factor. At DYCA we understand this and hope to provide an encouraging insight into the sport. This is why we try and involve parents in the process as much as possible through induction sessions, regular newsletters and ‘touching stone days’, where parents and carers are able to come along for a days climbing and see for themselves what their child is getting up to.

Climbing is a great sport, which often turns into a lifelong hobby. There are dangers, but young people learn how to manage their decision-making and develop their skills as they progress.

There is an excellent document designed by the British Mountaineering Council that offers advice and guidance to parents and carers new to the sport of rock climbing. Please click on the document link on the bottom of this page to read it.

So what do we do at DYCA to ensure your child’s safety?

All of our Senior Instructors are UKMLTE SPA (Single Pitch award) qualified and have extensive knowledge of the sport. Junior instructors are CWSA (Climbing Wall Supervisor Award) certified to assist with indoor sessions. In addition, all instructors are First Aid trained and renew their qualifications every three years.

We are an affiliated BMC (British Mountaineering Council) club and have a published Working With Children Policy and Child Protection Policy. All instructors are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked relevant to the areas they are operating in.

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The equipment we use is UIAA and CE certified for use with young people.

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The outdoor venues we use are the best in terms of access, single-pitch climbing and suitability. All of our instructors operate within the guidelines and Code of Conduct as advised by the sports National Governing Body, the BMC (British Mountaineering Council).

So, if you want to get involved contact us, download this DYCA_2012_Parental_Consent_ Form , then come along for a climb!